Without Music Life Would Be A Mistake

DJ MERK 1, born and raised on the north side of Chicago, is widely revered for his eclectic selections which fuse classic hip-hop, downtempo, funk, break beats, soul, boogie, neo soul & acid jazz, rounded out with upbeat atmospheric sounds.

Crediting his unique style and love of vinyl to a Classic Rock and Chicago Blues record collection passed down from his father, Merk1 began his foray into Hip Hop culture as a B-Boy in the mid-90′s Hyde Park / The Point scenes. But after having battled legendary crews like Chi Rock Nation, Brickheads, Push Squad, Adidas Boys, Phase II, it was a natural progression to step into the other ‘elements.

As a graf writer, Merk1 has been a member of the preeminent Chicago crew CMW as well as a founding member of the Dirty 30 (D30). And as a DJ he’s one half of the Dirty Social w/ DJ Intel and The Soul Patch Crew. And you may have heard his mixes, which often become Mixcrates.com’s “Mix of the Week.”
Always keeping busy, you can find Merk1 at gigs in Chicago to New York to LA to the Bay, he played alongside artists like Derick Carter, J- Zone, Jesse De La Pena, DJ Day, Troublemaker, Pete Rock, DJ Eleven, J Boogie, Distortion 2 Static Crew, Metrognome, King Most, Farley Jack Master Funk, People Under The Stairs,Mr E, Maceo of De La Sol,Twilight Tone and many more.


Dope Get Up
  1. Dope Get Up

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